NSW Country Rugby Union



NSW Country Rugby Union  is an incorporated body consisting of 7 Directors. NSW Country Rugby Union is governed by a Constitution & became a Union in 1954. It has a Board of seven Directors elected by 15 voting members comprising the 9 Country Rugby Zones, 5 Country Rugby Affiliates and a Player's Representative.  Reporting to the Board is an Executive Officer who in turn manages the organisation's operations and resources.


Each year  a minimum of 3 Council meetings are conducted comprising delegates from the 9 Zones & Affliates. In addition an Annual General Meeting is conducted where voting members elect the President, Vice President and 5 Board Members. The elected NSWCRU Board of Directors meet on a monthly basis. The President’s role is largely to chair general meetings of members and regulate such meetings in any way consistent with the Constitution. The President is often called upon to act as a figurehead for NSW Country Rugby Union and engage in dignitary level liaison.